The Project

Aerotricity Ltd after a careful and time-consuming study has identified a suitable site on the mountain hills at the Kambi village near the village of Palekhori in the central part of Cyprus for establishment of a wind farm. The purpose of the Kambi wind farm project is to install and operate a wind farm which will be producing renewable electricity from wind.

The project includes the installation of 3 Enercon E-53 Wind Energy Converters (WEC) with rated power of 800kW each and 3 Enercon E-92 Wind Energy Converters with rated power of 2350kW each, resulting in a total capacity of 9,6MW. As mentioned above, Phase A of the first wind farm is completed with the installation of 3 E-53 WEC, while Phase B of the wind farm (additional 7,2MW) with the installation of 3 E-92 WEC will be completed in 2019. A License for Energy Production by the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Autority (CERA) and an Environmental Permit was granted for both Phases of the project (Phase A and B).


For Phase B of the project, the installation of a new type Enercon Wind Energy Converters, and specifically the Enercon E-92 WEC with rated power of 2350kW each, will have several advantages such a lower installation cost and higher energy production and needless to say that the new turbine will incorporate the latest technology around.

The selected site has good access roads from Limassol port for turbines up to 55 meters in diameter. It is worth noting that the route to the site is approximately 20km highway, 30km two lane asphalt road, 10km asphalt road and 1.5-2km earth road. The road was upgraded in order to be able to carry to the site the 3 WEC E-53 already installed. As it is tricky to transport tower components, turbine parts and longer rotor blades longer than, ENERCON GmbH developed a new methodology that will enable us to carry to the site the aforementioned WEC E-92 for Phase B of the project. Specifically, an automated, remote-controlled truck with multiple steering axles for hauling heavy components can be used.

Most of the required land has already been purchased by the promoters and an application for long term leasing (33 years) of the adjacent Government land has also been filed in and granted.

The produced electivity is fed into the Cypriot national Grid owned by the Electricity Authority of Cyprus and sold on the basis of a Power Purchase Agreement to be concluded with the Transmission System Operator and the Electricity Authority of Cyprus.

The project expected to generate greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions by avoiding CO2 emissions from electricity generation by thermal power plants that supply the national grid.

Grid the new connection for Phase B of the project shall be through the EAC substation Ergates. The connection will be established through the existing station entrance and double circuit line with 22/11kV transformer. The connection line that will operate at 22kV and it will consist of a subsurface 24 km length copper cable and 3km XLPE cable.

Wind measurements have been carried out from July 2003 showing average 10 min wind speed ranging from 4.8 to 5.1 m/s at a height of 30m. According to calculation from KenTec Denmark ApS, the annual electricity production from the installation of the wind turbines and the implementation of both Phase A and Phase B should be expected to be approximately 16,5MWh per year of operation.

The realisation of such project will significantly contribute towards reduction of the GHG emissions and the sustainability of the power generation sector in Cyprus. This is of particular importance considering the isolation of Cyprus as an island from the mainland and the heavy dependence of the electricity supply solely by oil fired plants.

It is worth noting that the local Authorities are fully aware of Aerotricity’s plans and have been very supportive to the implementation of the project. Their help extended not only in helping Aerotricity identifying the land owners, but also in prompt and positive recommendations to the different Authorities. In addition local contractors were involved in the development of the wind farm Phase A.

The local Authorities approval was very supportive during the examination of the Environmental Impact Assessment by the Committee and the grant of the Environmental permit by the Environment Service.

the project