In order for Cyprus to move away from the current situation to a low – carbon economy with the use of sustainable technologies, there is a need for further harmonisation of its energy regulatory framework that will lead our country to complete the internal market of the European Union on the basis of the provision of the Energy Union. To achieve this goal, the monopoly of the EAC in electricity supply needs to be broken and Aggregator companies need to be introduced to make the supply availability of electricity to consumers more competitive.

Seth-CER Ltd

Seth – CER Ltd is a limited liability company based in Cyprus, and a 100% subsidiary of Aerotricity. The company’s management has extensive experience in the energy sector, overseeing the implementation of various renewable energy projects in Cyprus.

It is our company’s mission to provide the finest green energy for new customers as well as existing ones. Through careful analysis, attentive customer service, and cost effective solutions, our company is aiming to become a stable aggregator serving the electrical market in Cyprus according to the rules of the electricity market law defined by the TSO and CERA.

Ultimately the company is aiming to radically address and help minimize the issue of household energy poverty and grid service inadequacy hence promoting sustainable green energy in many rural areas. A specific focus will be given to the mountainous and densely forested region of Cyprus. These ‘weak-grid’ areas face increasing challenges while trying to maintain a balance between reliable electricity supply, minimal impact on the sensitive local environment and energy poverty.