Technology Information

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The project included the installation of the Wind Energy Converters (WEC) ENERCON E-53. These are gearless, variable speed WECs with variable control with rated power of 800kW. The WEC is equipped with an upwind rotor with active control and blade pitch system. The ENERCON E-53 has 3 blades made of fiberglass and a rotor diameter of 52.9m and 60m of hub height. The WECs are being developed and manufactured by the ENERCON GmbH, Germany.


The ENERCON E-53 annular generator and rotor form a single unit. The rotor hub is flanged directly to the rotating part of the generator and therefore rotates at the same speed during operation. Since there is no gearbox of other fast rotating components i) energy losses between rotor and generator, ii) noise emissions, iii) mechanical wear, iv) oil losses and v) mechanical friction losses are reduced significantly.  The power generated by ENERCON E-53 is fed directly in the national grid using the ENERCON gird management system. The ENERCON grid management system adapts itself to grid parameters like the voltage and frequency to guarantee the desired power quality.

The main features of the technology incorporated into the ENERCON E-53 are listed below.


GEARBOX: No Gearbox

ROTOR: Made from reinforced epoxy resin with low hygroscopic properties. Deigned to offer high efficiency, long lifetime, low noise emission, low loads and use less material during their production. Blades operate with variable pitch and variable speed.

GENERATOR: Directly driven by the wind turbine. Rated power of 800 kW at 29 rpm.

GRID MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Converts the current generated by the WEC into AC current. The embodied technology allows parallel operation to the grid even under complicated grid connection conditions.

YAW CONTROL: Four adjacent drives.

SAFETY SYSTEM: Safety system according to international standards and independent test institutes.

BRAKE SYSTEM: Wind energy converters brake aerodynamically. Three mutually independent blade pitch drives. Autonomous energy storage system-moves the blade into feathered position.

THE LIGHTNING PROTECTION SYSTEM: The rotor blade tips are made out of cast aluminium. Sensor system comprised of electronic and mechanical sensors. CONTROL SYSTEM: ENERCON microprocessor system which constantly monitors the sensors and the data of the wind direction and wind speed.