Company Profile

Aerotricity Ltd was established in 2003 with initial focus on Wind Energy.

Our vision is to establish ourselves as leaders in renewable energy projects in Cyprus and the wider Middle Eastern area. This would not only help us establish stronger links and representation in the industry, but at the same time make us leading authorities in the field.

The company owns and is currently implementing a Wind Park project with a total capacity of around 10MW in the Kambi area, south-west of Nicosia, Cyprus. Phase A of the Wind Park (2,4MW) was completed in spring 2012 with 3 Enercon Wind Energy Converters (WEC) already installed and in operation. Phase B of the Wind Park is planned and is expected to be implemented towards the end of 2020.

In conjunction with the above, within the last three years Aerotricity has completed three additional projects. The first involved the installation of a Solar Floating Cover on the surface of a reservoir that belongs to the Cyprus Water Development Department (WDD) in collaboration with our associate Benecke – Hornschuch (subsidiary of the German colossus Continental AG). The innovative technology included in this cover allows independent water storage and self-sustainable electric power production. The cover helps maintain water quality, minimizes losses from evaporation and, through the use of thin PV film, generates electricity for self-consumption. Aerotricity is the exclusive representative of Benecke – Hornschuch products in Cyprus and in other Middle Eastern countries. This is the first worldwide commercial application for the particular product (following a successful bidding for a tender from the Water Development Department).

Simultaneously, we have implemented (together with our German partner Autarsys GmbH and SMA Italia), the first Energy Storage System in Cyprus for community and home purposes. We commissioned an 84kWh community system with Autarsys and 5 Home Systems using SMA Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 inverters and LG Resu 10H batteries. Energy Storage Systems are of immense importance to Cyprus as we are an isolated island-nation of the European Union that is searching for new ways in which Renewable Energy Sources can penetrate the market, offering solutions for energy provision and grid stabilization.

Our company also completed a battery storage project in Cyprus (first commercial) with the installation of a 3-phase, 30kWh ESS system in a public building. We once again used SMA Sunny Boy Storage 5.0 inverters and LG Resu 10H batteries. This was delivered to the owner in January 2019.

Recently we were awarded another project involving the installation of 10 Fast DC Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in key areas within the main road network of Cyprus.