The first Solar Floating Cover in Europe was successfully installed in Limassol.

The German giant Continental AG innovates and applies to Cyprus, in world first commercial use, a floating cover for a reservoir in Moni, Limassol, with a photovoltaic system on its surface.

The project was carried out on behalf of the Cyprus’ Water Development Department, with the contribution of Aerotricity Ltd.

With Dynactiv ™ Power, water quality improves by changing the hydrobiological status of the reservoir and converting it from aerobic to anaerobic. This greatly reduces water evaporation and salt precipitation, prevents the growth of algae and other microorganisms, while preserving water quality.


After a public tender, the University of Cyprus assigned the Aerotricity-Autarsys consortium the implementation of two pilot projects for renewable energy storage systems (ESS) – for domestic and community use. ESS increase reliability, performance, and competitiveness of electricity generation and transmission in the electric grid. Based on the advanced Li- Ion battery technology, Autarsys’ system guarantees 24/7 power supply. The UCY projects were successfully installed and commissioned in early 2018 and will spur further exploitation of energy storage both for saving and stabilizing the Network.

Aerotricity is the exclusive representative of Autarsys products in Cyprus, Greece and in other Middle East countries.


The benefits of Dynactiv™ Power – with integrated solar technology

Water storage
› Completely seals large areas of water
› Prevents water from evaporating
› Offers protection from algae growth and pollution
› Enhances water quality
› Reduces the cost of complex cleaning operations
› Flexible, floating composite sheeting adjusts to suit current water levels

Electricity generation
› Generates electricity independently of the grid and without fossil fuels
› Utilises solar power to offer energy self-sufficiency to areas with little or no access to other energy sources
› Supplies electricity for local drinking water processing plants, wastewater treatment, irrigation and livestock

System advantages
› Dual-purpose land-use through combined water storage and energy production
› Largely industrially prefabricated, with integrated thin-film modules
› Especially quick and easy to install
› Simple to use
› Floats and is extremely resistant
› Low operation and maintenance costs
› Requires little technical effort to use
› The ideal solution for state and private water supplies
› Allows drinking and process water to be transported to remote areas through independently powered pump stations
› Ideal for rural areas
› Costs can be amortised through electricity meters, feed-in tariffs and water saved through non-evaporation



In June 2017, the Cyprus Water Development Department assigned Benecke – Kaliko AG (member of the renowned German colossus Continental AG) and our company Aerotricity, the installation of a PV solar floating cover on the surface of a reservoir in the outskirts of Limassol. The cover helps not only to have better water quality and preservation but also through a thin PV film that is laminated on top, generates electricity for self-consumption and use. The innovative, patented technology allows water storage and self-sustainable electric power production. The above application is the first in a worldwide commercial scale.
Aerotricity is the exclusive representative of Benecke – Kaliko products in Cyprus and in other Middle East countries.