Wind Resource Assessment


The goal of a resource assessment is to collect wind resource information that is necessary to create a detailed Site Condition assessment used by ENERCON to adapt the appropriate wind turbine technology. One of the most important requirements for wind resource information is that it be of sufficient quantity and quality to create a viable wind resource assessment report.  Such a report is required to withstand a thorough due-diligence review from potential debt and equity participants.

Aerotricity has gathered and reviewed available wind data from Cyprus. Furthermore, Aerotricity has initiated a sophisticated on-site wind-measuring program. A typical wind monitoring program spans several months. Even though other long-term wind resource data are available for correlation, it is necessary to establish monthly, seasonal, and inter-annual trends between the long term and site-specific data.  Meteorological long term wind data is available from the Meteorological Department  and based on a validity study these data should work well as correlation data for the on-site measurements in order to fast track the wind measurement campaign.

A 30 meter mast holding meteorological measuring equipment has been installed on the proposed site. The whole process was executed in cooperation with the Danish Company KenTec Denmark ApS.

The wind measuring equipment has been bought and supplied from NRG in USA and installed in July 2003. The wind measuring campaign was initiated at the same time and it continues until today. The position of the mast is UTM-WGS 84 zone 36 East 510.851 North 3.861.007 at a height of 1100 meters above sea level. Two calibrated anemometers have been installed at 20 and 30 meters height respectively.

In addition, a 10m Mast has been installed on the site and wind measurements have been carried out since December 2004. In July of 2008 a 50m Mast has been installed, while anemometers have been installed at 10, 20, 30 and 50 meters height respectively.

According to calculation from KenTec Denmark Aps, for the scenario of Phase B thus the installation in total of 6 WEC, the annual electricity production from the installation of the wind turbines for Phase B should be expected to be approximately 16,5GWh per year of operation.