Company Profile

Aerotricity Ltd is an established company in Cyprus operating in the renewable energy sector, with original focus on Wind Energy since 2003. Energy production in Cyprus was until recently controlled by the Government. Relevant legislation enabling the generation of electricity by private companies has recently been adopted. As a result, a new sector with immense potential has opened up for new initiatives.

Our vision is to establish ourselves as leaders in energy projects in Cyprus and the wider Middle Eastern area. This would not only help us establish stronger links and representation in the economy but at the same time make us leading authorities in the field. In conjunction with the above, the company owns and is currently implementing a wind farm project with a total capacity of 9,6MW in the Kambi area, a village in the central part of Cyprus, south-west of Nicosia. For this purpose Aerotricity is licensed by Cyprus CERA (Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority) as an IPP (Independent Power Producer).

The Phase A of the wind farm (2,4MW) was completed in Spring 2012 and 3 Wind Energy Converters (WEC) are already installed and are in operation. ENERCON GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of WEC at the international level with more than 19,000 wind turbines installed in over 30 countries, had the overall responsibility for the construction and operation of the project (‘‘turnkey project’’). The Phase B of the wind farm (additional 7,2MW) will be completed in 2018.

Aerotricity Ltd, consolidates and manages all aspects of the project development including responsibility for resource assessment, site selection, permitting, interconnection, planning, construction, long-term operation as well as project reporting and administrative management, project financing, equity investment, community relations.

Aerotricity Ltd is managed by a Board of Directors that has a broad and versatile expertise from areas such as strategic planning, design, project financing as well as construction and project management. In addition, from the initial stages, the company seeked the services and expertise of a well known Danish professional in the wind business namely Mr Kent Larsen the owner of KenTec Denmark ApS. The latter has been involved in international projects with the latest projects Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe.