The benefits of Dynactiv™ Power – with integrated solar technology
Posted on: 04/12/2017, by : mpapasavvas

Water storage
› Completely seals large areas of water
› Prevents water from evaporating
› Offers protection from algae growth and pollution
› Enhances water quality
› Reduces the cost of complex cleaning operations
› Flexible, floating composite sheeting adjusts to suit current water levels

Electricity generation
› Generates electricity independently of the grid and without fossil fuels
› Utilises solar power to offer energy self-sufficiency to areas with little or no access to other energy sources
› Supplies electricity for local drinking water processing plants, wastewater treatment, irrigation and livestock

System advantages
› Dual-purpose land-use through combined water storage and energy production
› Largely industrially prefabricated, with integrated thin-film modules
› Especially quick and easy to install
› Simple to use
› Floats and is extremely resistant
› Low operation and maintenance costs
› Requires little technical effort to use
› The ideal solution for state and private water supplies
› Allows drinking and process water to be transported to remote areas through independently powered pump stations
› Ideal for rural areas
› Costs can be amortised through electricity meters, feed-in tariffs and water saved through non-evaporation